We are selling trading software trough our shop.

MQL Service is a veteran company specialized in automatic trading mainly in Foreign Exchange spot market (Forex). In our vision, more and more trades will automate his/her trading activities. Starting from simple scripts for one click order execution, through simple strategies like straddles with One Cancels the Other orders up to complete trading systems using multiple technical indicators on multiple time frames.

Our mission is to deliver proven solutions both in programming services and trading advisory. Currently we specialize in MetaQuotes Language also known as MQL, which is a powerful scripting language used by MetaTrader terminal. We are running our programs with our private money with brokers of which we have trust in their integrity and reliability. We offer also introducing broker activities for our clients, which beside of standard IB activities include discounts in programming services. Depending on trading volume we can offer our discounts up to full refund of programming services.

This site was created by traders, who write scripts in MQL language since MetaTrader was available. We provide our services based on our experience in trading and solutions we use for ourselves. That guarantee the quality and reliability. We trade different markets for years. Our target was always to make money on trading. We believe that nowadays the best solution for this is automated trading.

Trade automatically and enjoy life!