The typical ordering process follows these steps:

  1. In case a client requires Non Disclosure Agreement, he sends a signed copy of NDA to MQL Service. After revision the signed by MQL Service NDA is returned to client. Working under NDA adds to the total quote. A client can use own NDA or adopt this example from MQLService.net.
  2. Client sends Request For Quotation together with requirements specifying requested software. In order the lowest price, requirements should be as complete as possible. Any iteration needed to clarify is treated as already as project time. Please keep in mind that coming up to a decent set of functional requirements is very time consuming process and can easily extend the actual coding time.
  3. After requirements are accepted, the quote is sent. This quote is valid for 7 days. It includes total project costs, and delivery schedule.
  4. In case of one delivery, it is expected the total to be paid before coding starts. There is a 100% money back guarantee in case that the final product would not met requirements agreed in point 2.
  5. Payments should be done through the PayPal or bank account transfer.
  6. You will receive the source code.

Example of Request Form

Document with Delivery Conditions.


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